Nervous about online graduate program...

  1. Elizabeth Bowers profile image78
    Elizabeth Bowersposted 3 years ago

    So almost everything's ready to go.  On June 16, I will be starting an online literature and creative writing graduate program... and I'm really nervous.

    I'm not nervous about the school part - ever since I graduated last year, I've been yearning to go back to school.  I think that I would be perfectly happy if I just went to school for a living (if only).  It's the online part that's gotten me concerned.  I've never so much as done a single online class before.  I'm miles and miles away from the school I'm attending and all interactions and learning will be done via Blackboard, which I'm learning how to use but still unfamiliar with. 

    I suppose I'm posting this because with so many diverse groups of people on HubPages, I'm sure somebody must have done an online graduate, or even undergraduate degree.  I would be forever grateful for any hints, tips, advice, or anything you might have to offer. 

    I'm really excited, but it's less than a month away and I have never done anything of the kind before.