How to design my own website?

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  1. harishkumarjk profile image52
    harishkumarjkposted 9 years ago

    How to design my own website?

  2. matryx profile image75
    matryxposted 9 years ago

    Are you looking at using a web building program such as Dreamweaver? Do you have any html knowledge at all?

    If you are starting out I would suggest that you go and get a wordpress blog so you can get familiar with creating pages online.

    You might also want to follow my hub here

  3. Anonymous profile image59
    Anonymousposted 9 years ago

    Okay not knowing what your skills are may I suggest that you search under:

    How to design a web page.
    Java Script

    You can find free tutorials under the titles listed above. Just put in for instance: Free online tutorial on how to design web pages.

    You might also try to download and use Kompozer. It is free and a very good web design application.

    A lot of web page space providers also have their own online software for design web pages.

    It is also possible to design a web page in MS Word and Open Office. Open Office can be downloaded for free.

    Read up on line what some of the biggest mistakes are in designing a web page.

    Remember KISS, keep it simple. They recommend using no more than three or four colors in the design. Make the page where it downloads fast. Remember graphics slow down the download rate.

  4. matthad profile image51
    matthadposted 9 years ago

    i used a pre made website that i configed myself. it was easy. the best websites are called turnkey websites. once uploaded you can access an admin area where you can change the website in many ways, appearance, email address, contacts, products, google addsense acounts and much more.  It was all done through a simple menu interface.  I got mine from they have a wide variety of websites you can try with easy step by step instructions. The Niche websites are good because if you want to be noticed on the internet you have to be different or better. hope this helps. give it a try its cheap too.

  5. RNMSN profile image91
    RNMSNposted 9 years ago

    I just did a psuedo website throug right along with google and adds pennies (always welcome) to my google adsense was free which was cool as I have no idea how to work html and didnt need it with blogger...whe I row up  smile   I want to try a wordpress though as matryx suggests

  6. Affiliate Reviews profile image58
    Affiliate Reviewsposted 9 years ago

    There are 2 ways you can design your own site if you are not well versed in HTML coding. On way is to use Word Press as a format.

    If you want the most out of it, you will need to get your own domain name and attach it to a word press theme. Easy Stuff.

    The other is to use either NVU or Komposer. They are the same software. I use NVU myself. Again easy to use if you know how to use it.

    You can look at one of my sites that I built using NVU. It's the affiliatelearninglinks site posted on my profile. Also you can get tons of info from metacafe and other sources out there. For now if you want you can watch my tutorials on how to do it. They are no charge...

    Stay well and best of luck...

    Rhonda G.

  7. profile image45
    brainlara2011posted 6 years ago

    For design your own business website you can take the help of a professional web developers.visit -   it is best web development company which can helps you for that..

  8. profile image51
    rethu45posted 5 years ago

    well if you are a  beginner so it's very difficult and take more time to learn how to design a website. If you want to create a own website quicker means Instead of learning through how to create a website  you can try online providers who render services to build  website. If you need online web design service means i recommend you to visit  .Here they provide nearly hundreds of professionally designed templates so you can choose which one  is best according to your requirements.


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