Anybody use WordPress for your own website?

  1. krisaclark profile image71
    krisaclarkposted 4 years ago

    Anybody use WordPress for your own website?

    If you do use it is it for your entire website, or just a portion like a blog posts page? What plugins can you not live without?

  2. DrivingPeace profile image84
    DrivingPeaceposted 4 years ago

    I do use WordPress for my own website. In fact, several of them. It's easier for me to just use it to do the whole site rather than just a blog section. Some of my WordPress sites don't have a blog at all. WP is a pretty good overall CMS now.

    The plugins I can't live without are:

    Pretty link - for affiliate link tracking
    Google Analytics & GA Dashboard - for usage tracking
    Remote images grabber - makes porting over images from old sites easier
    SPAM free WordPress - GREAT (and free) comment SPAM filter
    YouTube Shortcode - a lot like HubPages' video capsule, this plugin makes embedding YouTube vids as simple as grabbing the video URL.

  3. JanTUB profile image87
    JanTUBposted 23 months ago

    I use WP for my own website, and also for clients' sites so they can operate them without a techie.
    My favourite plugins are:
    > SiteOrigin Pagebuilder
    > SiteOrigin Widgets bundle
    > Meta Slider
    > Ultimate Shortcodes
    > WordPress Fence to secure it
    All free, but Pro versions are available for some.
    My favourite theme is One Press, also has a Pro plugin.
    Hope this is helpful.
    I ♡ WP!