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What is your definition of Self-Actualization?

  1. ColoradoMathguy profile image52
    ColoradoMathguyposted 8 years ago

    What is your definition of Self-Actualization?

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    carolcolemanposted 8 years ago

    Congratulations to your wife on her recovery and to you for hanging in with her.  We can definately do all things through Christ who helps us.  She and you might want to consider what's next in your life.  When one is recovered and "clean" the empty space should be filled up with positive things.  If you wish please feel free to refer to my hubs on finding purpose and joy in your life.  I hope it can be helpful and encouraging.

  3. nemopsy profile image56
    nemopsyposted 8 years ago

    That's a goal to acheive. You need to know yourselfas best as it is possible. Working with morphopsychology can help and lead you ti assertivness

    Have a glance at my  hub and ask more uestions

  4. cynthiaalise profile image61
    cynthiaaliseposted 8 years ago

    My definition of self-actualization is a person definition.  I believe that I will reach self-actualization when I have significant improvement in the passions and love of my soul.  I battle with my mind in trying to purify my intentions and affections.  When I am satisfied with my progress, I am actualized.

  5. msorensson profile image71
    msorenssonposted 8 years ago

    There are only two criteria. You are at peace with everything and everyone around you and you are happy all the time. This means you sleep without dreams and you wake without sorrow.

  6. Apostle Jack profile image61
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    Self-experience.Something that is actually happening in your life