What does it take to become a college level coach?

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    whitney_185posted 8 years ago

    What does it take to become a college level coach?

    Are there any degrees necessary? Will experience alone get you through? What level could you expect to reach with low experience (junior college, DII DI?) Average salary? Best and worst state to coach in? Sports that are easier to get into than others?

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    pendell2posted 8 years ago

    Your best chances at success are in sports in which you have experience.  A degree in exercise science, physiology, or related field helps but is not necessary.

         If you have competed at a D1 school it may be possible to start coaching in the program you have competed in; otherwise it would be wise to start one's career looking at Junior college or D3/D2 opportunities.  If you are successful at these levels bigger programs will come looking for you.

        Pay depends on sport and level. In general, unless you are in a revenue-generating sport, i.e. D1 basketball or football, coaching is a personally rewarding but not usually lucrative career.

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