Which Are The Most Dangerous Schools In America?

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    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Which Are The Most Dangerous Schools In America?

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    New Jersey
    Paterson: Eastside High
    Trenton: Trenton Central High
    New York
    Berkshire Farms: Berkshire Junior-Senior High
    New York City: P.S. 17
    New York City: P.S. 23
    New York City: P.S. 94
    New York City: P.S. 109
    New York City: P.S. 140
    New York City: P.S. 754
    New York City: P.S. 811
    New York City: Lewis & Clark
    New York City: Steven McSweeney School
    New York City: Jim Thorpe School
    New York City: Walter Reed School
    New York City: Queens School for Career Development
    New York City: Samuel Tilden High
    New York City: Roy H. Mann School
    Rochester: Charlotte High
    Rochester: Thomas Jefferson High
    Philadelphia: Bartram High
    Philadelphia: Frankford High
    Philadelphia: Germantown High
    Philadelphia: Martin Luther King High
    Philadelphia: Lincoln High
    Philadelphia: Overbrook High
    Philadelphia: University City High
    Philadelphia: Vare Middle
    Philadelphia: West Philadelphia High
    South Dakota
    Todd County: Todd County High

    Source: GNS research, state reporting