Are words forms of energy? Do we attract certain types of energy from the words

  1. days leaper profile image79
    days leaperposted 8 years ago

    Are words forms of energy?  Do we attract certain types of energy from the words we use?

    Are we bound by energy?  Does the energy build more and more with repeated use?
    I have my own thoughts on this but am interested in others views. 
    I notice on the TV. some words are repeated more than others.  For Instance Americans use an M word with 3 letters.  And lets face it, love them or h*** them, they are a something of a crazee bunch!  -This I see merely watching imported TV progs.  (no offence intended, from UK.)

  2. Nick B profile image78
    Nick Bposted 8 years ago

    There are many books on this subject and I feel that words do have power or at least can augment power and make it more real or more potent.

    David Eddings books on the Belgariad and the rest of the series, described "The Will and The Word". The will was inside and the spoken word gave it power outside.

    I don't feel this is too far from reality.

    Advertisers and politicians use keywords a lot and the way an ad or a political speech is worded, can deflect negatives to produce stronger positives.

    In witchcraft or Wicca, the spells are often spoken as without this, the spells remain inert. It requires the spell to be spoken, often a number of times, in order for it to work.

    We also project that elusive sixth sense when we speak otherwise we would not have 'reading between the lines' where someone says one thing, meaning another. Sensitive people can pick up on this.

    The way we talk to prospective boy or girlfriends can mean more that what we actually say, but yes, I feel words DO have energy.

  3. pjfbncyl profile image38
    pjfbncylposted 8 years ago

    The day the word fu*k disappeared
        Every print of Scarface melted.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        The Oxford English Dictionary
        Became obsolete.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        D.I.Y. enthusiasts
        Wore black bandages.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        The word sh*t
        Went into hiding.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        Mourned an amputation.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        A worrying proportion of the population
        Were struck completely dumb.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        Docks, building sites, housing estates,
        school playgrounds, sports stadiums
        and pubs Were eerily silent.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        The Amalgamated Union of Asterisks
        Went on strike for higher wages.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        The prim and purse-lipped
        Had a weak tea party and an early night.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        The Collected Poems of Philip Larkin became
        The Selected Poems of Philip Larkin.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        A million prayers (what the fu*k are you doing to me now)
        Drifted a little off course.

        The day the word fu*k disappeared
        Sex was a little more decorous.
        Less fun.

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