Hi Russ, Thanks for the insightful article! I have two questions for you. Aft

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    waywardmuseposted 8 years ago

    Hi Russ,  Thanks for the insightful article!  I have two questions for you.  After you were...

    diagnosed progressive, did you begin an exercise program or physical therapy?  I was diagnosed in Oct. 2009 and I'm "progressing" rapidly.  I hope that my physical therapy program will keep me out of a wheelchair.  Is my hope in vain?
    2.  I live in a rural area about 60 miles south of Phoenix.  The summers are killing me.  We are thinking about selling our property and moving to a cooler climate like northern AZ.  Does Show Low have adequate medical resources for people with progressive MS?  Or do you have to go to PHX for treatment?   Thanks, Judy