how do promote my art online and offline in 2010?

  1. wcharles622 profile image54
    wcharles622posted 8 years ago

    how do promote my art online and offline in 2010?

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    Mr.Remedyposted 8 years ago

    Now for that theres many sites, you could use deviant art or if you want money for your art should upload it on sites that pay you to upload or so, and advertise it on art forums of sort smile so you'd get a promotion of your work and get credit of sorts

    I hope that helped if you need more info feel free to add and msg smile

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    Tadeusz598posted 8 years ago

    You can use Flickr or Deviant Art to display your work. I've found Flickr to be very good, though it does not permit you to use it for commercial purposes. It has groups into which you can enter your work, and you can comment on other user's work, which is fun and interesting.

    Deviant Art is irritating- jargon ridden and much slower than Flickr to upload stuff onto. Saachi has a free hosting site and so does MyArtSpace. I haven't really explored these.

    You could also try Ebay.

    My feeling  is that the web is primarily a reference for those who'll already seen your work in reality: one is fairly unlikely to sell much to people who've only seen your work online because art is expensive and because photos do not give a perfect impression of what a piece really looks like, and the risk of making a dubious purchase is simply too great.

    I also write a blog, to help people understand what I’m working on:

    Offline I recommend- local art groups, competitions, holding shows with similar artists, studio parties, making postcards and handing them out, art fairs, and charity auctions. Send images to magazines too. Show work in restaurants and bars. Collaborate on projects with other artists or writers. Try to find a local community of artists so you get the benefit of group shows and moral support.

    Most of the efforts you make will not bring immediate results, so don't be surprised if a year after you've started pushing your work about you still haven't sold anything. The market for art is VERY small... but Persistance Pays.

    Good luck.