hi i own a flat rock scorpion can i use a heat lamp for heat instead of a und

  1. scorp.2010 profile image51
    scorp.2010posted 8 years ago

    hi i own a flat rock scorpion    can i use a heat lamp for heat instead of a undertank heater

    cuz my scorpion just sits in one spot now is it cuz its winter or what im confused are they normally active or is it sick im not sure.  would the undertank heater help better than heat lamp. i have also been told a water pillow works better than a petri dish or a gatorade bottle cap. not sure plz help me out

  2. Whitney05 profile image81
    Whitney05posted 8 years ago

    they're probably sitting in the one spot because that's where it's the warmest. Check your temperatures. If they're not right, and they're too low, then the scorpion will sit on the warmest spot. Sometimes in cooler months, you will need to use more than one heat source in order to make sure the heat is accurate. Use a digital thermometer with a probe to measure the surface temps of the enclosure.

    Not sure what you would you a water pillow for or what you're using a petri dish for? Water? I've never heard this. I've only heard of a shallow bowl for water.