How to survive a Violent Street Attack?

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    xo2sportstrainerposted 7 years ago

    How to survive a Violent Street Attack?

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    scolley13posted 7 years ago

    That depends on a lot of various factors. 

    Generally speaking, and assuming your attackers are not armed, your best chance for survival is a very concerted, focused, and passionate defense.

    Aim for the weak spots in all people.  The lips and nose are packed with nerve endings.  A hit landed in this region not only hurts, but generally causes the eyes to tear up, making it difficult for your attackers to see.  They can't attack what they can't see.

    The groin is also a very weak point to attack.  A strike here may disable your attacker, at least momentarily.  Knees are a good target as well - one well placed kick could prevent them from chasing after.  Which of course brings me to the startegy of simply outrunning your attacker.  Depending on the situation, this may not be an option though.

    Two points which I think are commonly overlooked when self-defense is discussed:

    1.) the throat.  A quick strike to the windpipe will stop anyone from attacking you, possibly permanently.

    2.)  at the top of the rib cage, basically where the collar bones meet at the bottom of your throat.  Stick a finger straight in and then curl the finger downward.  This spot is soft, and if you've ever had this done to you, even for demonstration, you know that this is incredibly painful.

    The absolute best way to stop a violent attack though is to obtain (legally) a firearm, learn how to use it properly, and get a concealed carry permit. 

    That way when diplomacy fails and the imminent threat of bodily harm to you is no longer avoidable, you have the means to protect yourself from any attacker, regardless of how strong, fast, or smart they are.