graph the linear equation 5x=y-3

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    mgarriott0001posted 7 years ago

    graph the linear equation  5x=y-3

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    nadpposted 7 years ago

    This linear equation can be put into "slope-intercept", which makes graphing it very easy.  Add 3 to both sides, so now you have
    y = 5x + 3.  3 is the y-intercept; that is, the line crosses the y-axis at 3.  So we can plot a point at (0,3).  The slope of the line is 5, or 5/1.  This means we can locate another point on the line by going up 5 units and to the right 1 unit, from (0,3).  This should bring us to the point (1,8), which is another point on the line.  Now that we have two points we can draw our line so that it goes through these two points, and this line is the graph of the equation.