further options after aircraft maintenance engineering

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    ajaykrissh3posted 7 years ago

    further options after aircraft maintenance engineering

    courses offered after aircraft maintenance engineering

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    jack2jacobposted 7 years ago

    There are some colleges in India which are giving AME as B tech equivalent and some of them give correspondence with AME course. B tech is providing by IGNOU with extra one year of course with AME in some institutions. Correspondence course will be given in some other subjects that may or may not relate to the industry. Those who wish to do it separately also can do it by approaching any university near by your area with your AME course or after AME course.

    Some of the related field courses in which you can do after AME course:

    B.sc AMS (Aircraft Maintenance Science)
    B.sc Aeronautical
    BE/ B tech Aeronautical Science
    BE/ B tech Mechanical
    Diploma in Mechanical

    Course other than related industry can be considered as any degree courses or Diploma courses.

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