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Which course is more in demand nowadays, social sciences or technology?

  1. alexandriaruthk profile image77
    alexandriaruthkposted 5 years ago

    Which course is more in demand nowadays, social sciences or technology?

    When incoming freshmen students think of what discipline or field of study to pursue in college,  do you think they tend to choose social sciences more than technology course? What could be the reasons for them to choose the said course of study?

  2. NathanielZhu profile image71
    NathanielZhuposted 5 years ago

    Natural Sciences, medical, computer science, and engineering  are all pretty in demand.

    Social sciences like psychology is pretty sucky at finding jobs outside of teaching.

  3. MrsLWarner profile image65
    MrsLWarnerposted 5 years ago

    I would say technology. I know many people who are sitting on their social science degree with nothing to show for, and the one's who went into technology, are flourishing!

  4. profile image50
    moisesklineposted 5 years ago

    Programs in technology are certainly more in demand than social sciences. The main reason for this is the job outlook for technology is better than social sciences. Engineering and computer graduates have better job prospects than a humanities and social sciences student. If you're interested in a career in technology, specifically information technology, take a look at the degree programs California College San Diego offers. You could also go through California College San Diego reviews to learn more about the college.

  5. profile image0
    TrinityCatposted 5 years ago

    I would say technology has a higher demand.