why are dreams important to our psychological well being

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    NinaWat1posted 7 years ago

    why are dreams important to our psychological well being

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    PaulaKposted 7 years ago

    After some studying in this area, I believe that we work out our issues in our sleep. Dreaming is a form of processing our emotions and concerns. I know that I dream a lot of silly dreams that don't make much sense sometimes, but if I analyze them, they sometimes do seem logical.

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    Jeromeoposted 7 years ago

    Dreams catalog all the information absorbed by the brain.  Everything we see, hear, feel, and imagine.

    Every bit of information is place d in a specific place and assigned a priority.

    As the Body rejuvenates the brain, reorganizes so as to maintain balance and sanity.

    Ever find your self responding to a question you didn't realize you had the answer to.

    Or reacting to a situation with the proper response without benefit of prior training.

    These things happen because you dreams.  And as the mind tumbles through the information, received in a day the dreams do not have to make sense. 

    Your brain does not work in a straight line it will move left right and leapfrog to different bits of information.

    But rest assure when its all said a done, you are what you dream, and what your dream is you.