can you preserve rose petals by freezing them?

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    msue47posted 7 years ago

    can you preserve rose petals by freezing them?

    i got roses for a special occassion, they arein fulll bloom and will die soon. i know i can take them out of water and let them dry out, i can iron them between sheets of wax paper(or some sort, need more info) , i can put them between pages of a large book and rubber band the book and stack books on top of them, but is there anyway to save the rose petals to a romantic night, like freezing or another method?

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    kodavatiposted 7 years ago

    no we can't preserve them by freezing i already tried with petals and some flowers

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    roy10posted 7 years ago

    u can save  flowers by hanging them upside down and lightly covering them with aerosol hairspray. u can leave them a day or two and then put them in with the rest of the flowers u have saved..