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Can science and Philosophy explain why a spiritual man when he comes out of his

  1. Neferkaptah profile image57
    Neferkaptahposted 7 years ago

    Can science and Philosophy explain why a spiritual man when he comes out of his earthly vessel...

    perceives himself as a collective of himself in the outside and the infinite multiplicity of himself in the inside of himself and composed of blue light in the process of becoming dark light as dark as the space within a universal black hole?

  2. wizardAlvin profile image56
    wizardAlvinposted 7 years ago

    I believe Philosophy could, yes. being a construct or set of constructs of human thoughts, as is the question, then ... yes. in multiple ways i should think.

    Science, being a methodology, never sets out to explain anything, so no. it can only present a method for testing and measuring. In science the Null hypothesis is the only thing tested. nothing else. therefore it gives no other explanation other than the Null hypothesis is found correct/incorrect at level of probability 1 in 1000, or what ever level the experimentor chooses.

    So together, science and philosophy can explain everything. And in my experience, equally poorly.

  3. Mentalist acer profile image59
    Mentalist acerposted 7 years ago

    There's always the Event Horizon in theory as a reality of darkness given an answer;)

  4. Druid Dude profile image61
    Druid Dudeposted 7 years ago

    This directly due to the duality of our reality. The perception of multiplicity of self is just one facet of the overall jewel, for in a deeper sense, your personal reality extends beyond the borders of "Self". This blue light you mention, did this idea develop, or was the flame revealed to you in dream or vision? The reason why I ask this is because it was revealed to you, and is the "Baptism Of Fire", for that, is the color of that very flame. Now, I ask you, has this thing I just said, have you ever heard anyone say anything of this nature before? If not, then ask yourself. Should I talk further to this apocalyptic fellow who calls himself Druid? If you answer yourself in the affirmative, then feel free to do so. Peace

  5. Shahid Bukhari profile image59
    Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years ago

    No ... but Islamic Belief, does ...

    For, the "Fundamental" Problem, of human Cognitions; my dear Neferkaptah, is ... the  "Fundamental's Reality Concept"  ... with, and within, which ... we address, and Define Matters, relating the Existential's Reality.

    For in this Unreasonable Age, of Reason ... we Follow, the Scientific ... Concepts ...Theories ... while considering the Reality of Existence, in our Philosophical "Beliefs"...

    Religion, thus, by default, any held Belief, in God, is considered as an Opiate of some kind, hindering the progress of a Scientific Understanding, of the Existential Reality's ...

    Meaning, an Understanding, which is not within the Existential, Defined by such, as Jean Paul Sartre, in his Philosophy of "Existentialism" ... or as Defined by the LHC, at CERN ...

    Thus, the Definitive Concept, of Creation, variously held by Religious Beliefs, is docketed by Science's Followers, with Metaphysics, Stories, Spirituality, etc., in Defining their held Scientific Concept of "Religion" ... as, a Materially insubstantiable, Belief.

    Your question, emerges from within Pragmatic Considerations of Reality ... in asking, what basically means, "whether, All of us living Humans, are Spiritual ... within what Philosophy and Science' benchmarks say, we are ..."

    Let me tell you ... that "There are no Outsides, or Insides, of the Human Awareness of Being. We, Exist, In, The Ordination of our Creator ... God."

    That, there are no Blue or Black Lights, lighting up, our Existence and Being ...

    Form ... Human Form, and all Existent Forms, Generate, their own Existential Space ... during the Whiles, we Exist ... We do not Exist in a Super Void, Containing the Physical Forms of Stars and Planets ... We Exist, In, Being.