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why is it important to be selective about what program we watch on tv??

  1. jezbeat profile image59
    jezbeatposted 7 years ago

    why is it important to be selective about what program we watch on tv??

    Please feel free to explain more the reason for the above question. I am a teacher and I research this issue for my students to look further down this issue.thanks

  2. Vanrentals profile image57
    Vanrentalsposted 7 years ago

    errr...let me think....time. Personally I really don't watch much TV but spending 30% of my life stuck in front of the box in the corner of a room is not a good idea full stop. Also, same as junk food, TV watxhing becomes a routine. There is no engagement and skills learned, its an empty paratice. Tell your students to  turn off the box and learn something useful like Kung Fu or Photography.

  3. MickS profile image74
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    90% of English television is rubbish, I don't know about US television; however, all the US Television we get over here is rubbish, so I'm guessing that 90% of US television is also rubbish.
    All governments, of whatever stripe, anywhere in the world, want a docile, mostly unthinking, population:  Get up, have breakfast, go to work, come home, have dinner, slouch in front of the mind numbingly boring television, go to bed, get up, have....  It suits the people in power to shove rubbish, passive entertainment down our throats.

  4. xKumo profile image57
    xKumoposted 7 years ago

    Well, I suppose there's a number of reasons why you might want to be selective about what you watch on TV, though it also depends on age. Since you're a teacher, I assume you're talking about kids and teens here, so I'll give my personal opinion on that.

    Television can, believe it or not, be good for the brain in some cases, but most often than not it's just a (pleasant) waste of time, because you usually don't learn anything from it or gain anything from it other than entertainment.

    I do believe that being entertained regularly is necessary for a healthy and happy lifestyle, but that doesn't mean people should depend on TV alone for that entertainment -- they need to also go out regularly and spend time with their family and friends.

    To sum it up, TV can be good if it's done in moderation, which I believe is an important life lesson that needs to be learned early for kids and teens.

  5. profile image45
    xaskitposted 7 years ago

    cause its better to watch something you gain from to get the most out of your time watching tivo

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    shakeem22eposted 7 years ago

    just watch any thing you want if you like the shows or go out side dont stay and the house