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what is the best cheapest way to educate myself with online marketing.

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    koralee1999posted 7 years ago

    what is the best cheapest way to educate myself with online marketing.

    I am a mid 30 year old man with a familly of 4 .  My income is the only one coming in and I work in a factory.  So i am pretty much always broke. I am very interseted in online marketing and would really like to know alot more. What would be the best way to start.

  2. fresnavee profile image53
    fresnaveeposted 7 years ago

    If you plan to use Hubpages, I would read up on some hubs about Adsense and Amazon marketing. You can look around for things like seasonal hubs with Amazon products listed.

    Generally, online marketing with Hubpages requires some knowledge about SEO and how to successfully use "trends" (like holidays, green items for holidays, etc.)

    Anyway, the best way to start is DEFINITELY by keeping yourself from spending a dime. It is much, much too easy to waste money on self-proclaimed guru products that do not give you a clear picture of the whole picture in a field.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors!

  3. Susana S profile image97
    Susana Sposted 7 years ago

    There's a lot to learn! I would start with hubber Peter Hoggan's free course which is 12 hubs. It covers just about everything you need to know. Then read MIsha's hubs, Mark Knowles hubs and Darkside's hubs. They are all very experienced internet marketers and you won't get any BS from them. Good luck!

  4. Kelly Underwood profile image55
    Kelly Underwoodposted 5 years ago

    There are online programs you can avail. Try this one - http://www.elearners.com/programs/ Good Luck!