'mass media influence on society'.

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    moomoochelsposted 7 years ago

    'mass media influence on society'.

    hi, i really loved this piece. it was very well written. i was wondering what your sources were for this article if you can still remember because im doing a debate on this topic for class and cant seem to find much out there except for this piece. but because you're not a professor or anything, i cant use your work as an example even if i reference it. sorry to bug you. but you are an excellent writer and i loved your ideas. thanks so much, Chelsea

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    Daniel J. Neumannposted 7 years ago

    Mass media affects society (and society affects what the media puts out) in a cycle with no apparent begining or end. It's socially constructivism at work. Perception is reality. Everything is relative to what we see and hear. Maybe 80% of what we see and hear comes from one form of media or another, whether it be advertisements on a billboard, packaging, or punditry on televsion.

    I don't who you were asking this question to, but you may find my hub "Media Conglomerates' Effect on Journalistic Ettiquette" interesting---and, hopefully, relevant to your debate. You can always cite me if you want to smile