This question is for people who have a good knowledge of both sociology and anth

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    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    This question is for people who have a good knowledge of both sociology and anthropology. Tell...

    me: Do you think it is fair to say that sociology is the anthropology of the present, and that anthropology is the sociology of the past? If you think this is so please, very briefly, tell me why. What does this suggest to you, if anything?

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    thequastposted 7 years ago

    I don't think either of those statements can be made.  I think what you're getting at with your question is the fact that sociology is an emerging science.  In the past sociology was not studied the way it is now.  However to say that anthropology is the sociology of the past wouldn't be an accurate representation of the subject.

    So only study sociology is to ignore many other helpful areas.  Sociology is a branch of Anthropology, but you can't make it an end in itself.  Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociology...etc all lend insight into understand man.

    Think of it as blueprints for construction.  You have to have several blueprints of a single job.  One blue print shows the walls, another shows the wiring, another shows the plumbing.  You can't put it all on one blue print because there would just be to much data there to decipher, so we put them on separate pieces of paper.  Each blue print however is necessary to the final construction project, and they are all integrated with each other.

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    Emmanuel Kariukiposted 5 years ago

    None of the above.

    Sociology is the study of societies that find themselves in close proximity, in cities, villages, offices and wherever humans come into contact with each other. These societies may vary in ethnic and racial composition - imagine the social group in a Cocacola branch, or a bunch of fans cheering their team. How they behave in specific settings can be studied by a sociologist.

    Anthropology on the other hand is the study of culture within a homogenous group speaking a specific language or dialect. This includes the material culture (clothing, utensils, musical instruments, war implements etc), Music and dance, proverbs, myths and folklore, kinship, religion, their thoughts on the causes of ilness and how to treat desease. Social groups within a culture can also be studied by a sociologist.