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when did the roman empire start and end?

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    lizzy 8posted 7 years ago

    when did the roman empire start and end?

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    cascolyposted 7 years ago

    usual start of the Roman Empire is considered to be the end of the civil ears at Actium b1 BCE where Augustus beat Richard Burton and Liz Taylor

    the emprie split and was on life support for a long time before the official end in 476 CE  the easstern byzantine held on until the Ottoman conquest in 1453


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    Old Empresarioposted 7 years ago

    27 BC to 476 AD or 1453 AD (depending on your perspective)
    27 BC - Octavian "Caesar Augustus" becomes the sole Triumvir after the Battle of Actium. He is the "Imperator", or emperor.
    382 AD - Emperor in the Western Roman relinquishes the title of Pontifex Maximus. The Bishop of Rome (or Pope) assumes this title for himself.
    395 AD - The eastern and western portions of the Roman Empire are permanently split into two separate realms
    476 AD - The Western Roman Emperor in Italy abdicates. There remains an emperor in the Eastern Empire. In addition, Dalmatia and Soissons remain under the control of isolated Roman officials. The Pope remains as a traditional Roman official in the west.
    480 AD - Roman Dalmatia falls to King Odoacer of Italy
    486 AD - Roman Soissons falls to the Franks
    534 AD - Eastern Roman Empire re-captures North Africa
    536 AD - Eastern Roman Empire retakes Rome and most of Italy
    536 AD-1453 AD - Roman empire is eroded by invasions and war to a few small cities in Greece.
    1453 AD - Constantinople, the last Roman city, falls to the Ottomans. The last Roman Emperor dies defending the city.

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    Mel Jayposted 6 years ago

    Most say it started in 27 AD with the reign of Augustus, but some scholars argue that it started when Julius Caesar took control as Dictator, first in 49 BCE, and later again Dictator for Life before he was murdered in 44 BCE.  While Augustus is generally accepted at the First Emperor, there is a strong argument that the Republic was dead long before he came to power.  The Western Empire finished in 476 after being overrun by Germanic Mercenaries.  The eastern Empire continued on until 1453 when it fell to the Ottoman Turks.