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i have a n mercer oil painting how much is it worth

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    michellew39posted 7 years ago

    i have a n mercer oil painting how much is it worth

  2. Amanda Severn profile image98
    Amanda Severnposted 7 years ago

    Michelle, the information you have provided me with is far too sketchy for me to give you any kind of answer, and in any case, I am not offering a professional valuation service.

    If you are based in the USA I recommend you contact a local auction house, or else prepare a photo of the painting together with measurements and details of how you came by it. Email this info to an on-line auction service such as Worthpoint, or to a large reputable auctioneer based in your nearest big city. Remember that an auctioneer will take a comission for selling your item, and unless you set a reserve price, the picture will literally sell to the highest bidder.

    There is no easy answer to how much an item is worth. At the end of the day, this will be dictated by the price that someone else is prepared to pay for it.

  3. KristiJ1121 profile image57
    KristiJ1121posted 5 years ago


    I just found an N. Mercer oil painting at an estate sale in Temple, Texas. Originally, I thought that it must be "Ning Mercer" from California. However, I contacted her with a picture of the painting, and she said it was not one of hers. So I'm back to square one trying to find out anything about the painting. 

    It is a large black and white oil painting of a field of wheat. Signed N Mercer in the lower right hand corner.

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      caincilloposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hi KristiJ1121 ... did you ever find out anything about this artist? ... I just found one of his/her paintings at a thrift store near Toronto, Canana ... I love it! ... same signature as the one you posted ... got it for 20 bucks.

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    smalvasiposted 3 years ago

    i have one too.  would be interested to know if you found out anything.