Kim, I was divorced in Tennessee and given custody of our daughter in 2003. S

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    kellybelleposted 7 years ago

       I was divorced in Tennessee and given custody of our daughter in 2003. She relocated...

    with me to Idaho where we have lived since that time. The father moved to Florida a few years ago and our daughter visits with him every summer. She is now 12 and expressed an interest in living with her father. The judge in Tennessee who retains jurisdiction over the child custody issues (?) seems to have forgotten the reason he granted me custody in the first place was because the father proved himself to be a real jerk. I flew back to Tennessee this week and the judge granted custody to the father. I want to appeal the judges decision and have this matter removed from his court as none of t

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    Are you saying that the judge, when passing the original custody order used the the term, ' the father is a real jerk'?  What does that scintillating piece of legal terminology mean?

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    libby1970posted 5 years ago

    The only option you have is to get a good lawyer. If you had a good lawyer in the first place you wouldn't be facing this issue. You will need to file an appeal and quickly.

    It is rare that a mother loses custody of a child to the Father unless she is unfit. I'm not saying you are unfit... but that is usually the only way a father will get custody. Also you do realize that after a certain age a child has the right to decide where he or she wants to stay (mother or father). If this is what happened then I doubt you will have any option to appeal.

    I think we need a little more info to give you sound advise. Such as do you have a good lawyer, not just a lawyer but a good lawyer???? And did the judge ask the child where she wanted to live? And was there anything else involved in him getting the child? Did he try to say you were unfit or something?