What are your expectations of your child's school and teacher in regards to spec

  1. abbykorinnelee profile image70
    abbykorinneleeposted 7 years ago

    What are your expectations of your child's school and teacher in regards to special education?

    T what extent do you feel the school is obligated to provide for your child.  Does it matter if the child is Autistic or on spectrum?  lease include if you have a child in special education, age and grade and what disability they are receiving services for.  What have you found worked the best?  Is communication between parent and teacher important?  Do you use outside resources in your community and if so what kind of resources?

  2. Darrke Thoughts profile image59
    Darrke Thoughtsposted 7 years ago

    I don't believe the schools are obligated to care for anyone's child.  I really wish they were there primarily to teach the students who are actually willing and able to learn.

    In spite of that, it's really a great service when a school can also offer parents help with their kids because so many parents are overwhelmed with life in general these days.  I think the best answer would be that the school should have a list of referrals for outside resources and teachers should be aware of signs and symptoms so they can suggest the referals when appropriate.

  3. abbykorinnelee profile image70
    abbykorinneleeposted 7 years ago

    Thank you Darrke; I agree for the most part as it would be ideal if every child in a classroom wanted to learn but we were kids once; a public school system will have to conquer the issues of the never attentive and bored student, the sleeper, the escape artist etc.  I more so agree in the older grades as opposed to elementary and when its in regards to special education.

    As for obligation; I would like to think educators chose this field; chose to stand up at a chalkboard and point out the alphabet to five year old's or yell at the sixth graders for throwing gum at the girls.  I suppose we get the unhappy and bitter, burned out lot but obligation in my opinion is to provide the best you can to as many of the students your reach as you can.  To expect them to devote off work hours; their own finances to supply a classroom and especially obligated to teach a general education classroom in an inclusion setting and then not know how to teach the student because we demand of a teacher what they themselves haven't been taught yet.

    Resources Resources YES.  And support groups for the kids with learning disabilites or autism or workshops teaching us as parents how to teach our child at home. 

    IN MY MIND a school is for learning not for babysitting not for teaching what parents are not being held accountable for at home.  I know that in my child's school referrals or suggestions are given; mostly by me as the forcing herself on the school advocate shoveing them down the staff's throats; well the ones that gave me their email address.  I also drop off a pile of EP editions, just received in the mail at home tons of free resources from the CDC to dump on those that aren't smart enough to have anything at their windows in the clinics.

    More parents need to speak up with what they need and want at their school's.  If you speak loud enough someone is bound to hear you trust me there.

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