Native americans,african americans,mexican americans similar probelms they faced

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    yupthatsmeposted 7 years ago

    Native americans,african americans,mexican americans similar probelms they faced in the 1950s!!!!!!!

    what were some problems in the 1950s that the native americans,african americans and mexican americans all face that are all similar problems?! please help with more then 2 answers thanks

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    savannahbree10posted 7 years ago

    Native people are in a sense segregated to indian reserves, although we chose whether we want to live there or not, but a reserve gave us a claim to the land and land base; african americans were segregated from the white community; native people (in Canada) were not allowed to vote until the 1960s;

    From what I've read in this link:, African Americans were pressured not to participate in the voting process; they did not have equal rights when it came to employment and education; the link discusses an African individual who qualified to attend a university in MIssissippi, but the Governor of Mississippi banned him from registering.  Native peoples (in Canada) were not allowed to attend college or university in those days.

    Source: link above, I'm First Nation (Canadian Indian), Aboriginal Studies college diploma, BA Sociology-Anthropology. 

    Hope this helped some of your questions!

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    Patty Inglish, MSposted 7 years ago

    I flagged this user and question; misuse - initiated a profile for requesting free homework answers and likely under age 18/hs student.