Very bad experience from ATS class

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    sammcgrathposted 8 years ago


      I've got very bad experience from ATS class, Pune. I joined Dhole Patil road branch. After one month my batch was closed almost 1 month due to SWIN flu, Ganpati festival. Then my faculty had some family problem. Also, the management of the class was continuousely changing my batch timing saying some internal batch adjustments. After that weekly batch off was changed without any reason and instead of 2 days that was made for 3 days. I want to mention that my batch was fast track batch. There was no reasons for such changes from management.
      There is no infrastructure for the class. Only 2 PCs are there for MCSE class which are infected by Viruses.
       So be careful if anyone thinking of joining ATS class in Pune.


       Ex Student of ATS