So does anyone still think politicians and bureaucrats in Washington can "turn t

  1. cbl2988 profile image61
    cbl2988posted 6 years ago

    So does anyone still think politicians and bureaucrats in Washington can "turn the economy around"?

    It has been demonstrated and proven over and over again that central planning and government intervention just doesn't work. The Austrians have been warning us about it for years. Is it time to finally listen to them or just keep trying the same things over and over again while expecting a different result?

  2. silver lining 5 profile image61
    silver lining 5posted 6 years ago

    they could if they wanted to.  The fact is that's not in their interest.  I think they all got a rude awakening when S&P downgraded the triple rating.  Most of these congressional members have heavy investments in the stock market.  They do it with insider information that isn't available to even CEO's.  Why?  Because they work for the corporations, you see, it's about the, you rub my back and I'll get rich deal.  Next thing you know corporations are deep into our governmnent getting everything they want.  I believe the masses being at the bottom of the totem will somehow not be so much the case anymore, since the totem pole (Wall Street), just may be tumbling.  I think S&P may have done us all a favor.  Now we will have to think of a different system that is more fair to all.  I believe these heavy corrupt investors are losing their behinds as we speak. Talk about karma!  I love it!!!