What WWll facts do Historians neglect to talk about?

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  1. K9keystrokes profile image93
    K9keystrokesposted 7 years ago

    What WWll facts do Historians neglect to talk about?

  2. Judi Bee profile image95
    Judi Beeposted 7 years ago

    Great question...

    I am more of a WW1 girl myself, but I will have a go!  My answers are more to do with the perception we have of people's emotions and attitudes to the war, which I guess we gain from historians (and popular culture too).

    For instance, the euphoria and relief felt by people in Britain and the USA  when the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.  It's a horrible admission to make, that people were glad, but I do remember my mother telling me that she was pleased that the bombs were dropped and felt very little sympathy for those killed.  She was simply glad that the war would end and viewed the Japanese as getting their just reward.

    To put this in context, my family lived in Bristol during the war - an incendiary bomb had landed on my mother's bed, luckily she wasn't in it at the time!  I think with the benefit of hindsight we tend to feel guilty and shamed by the atom bombs (and that is understandable).

    We also tend to think that those living in Britain during the Blitz must have been frightened, deprived and unhappy.  My father, who was five when war broke out, loved it - he thinks the war years were the best of his life.  Adults were preoccupied, teachers away at the Front and he lots of freedom and found the Blitz exciting.  Sweets may have been in short supply (and he does have remarkably good teeth), but fun for my father at least was not.  Again, not the received view.

    So, that's my answer .... what do you think?

  3. K9keystrokes profile image93
    K9keystrokesposted 7 years ago

    Awesome information Judi! Thanks for offering your wonderful input. I think you should consider writing a hub about this! It would make such an interesting and unique piece of work.

  4. Jonesy0311 profile image60
    Jonesy0311posted 7 years ago

    Japanese Unit 731; Operation Paperclip; Why the U.S. allowed Pearl Harbor to happen; what Hitler was up to in Antarctica; the firebombing of our own POWs and the entire city of Dresden, Germany (that's a big one); the list goes on.

  5. ThoughtSandwiches profile image81
    ThoughtSandwichesposted 7 years ago

    The role played by (various) Corporations who continued to do business with the Third Reich even after December 7, 1941.  Most notable; Ford, General Motors (Wholly owned subsidiarity of Du Pont Chemicals), ITT, and Texaco Oil to name a few.  Also ignored is the fact that, after the war, these same companies sued (and won) a judgement against the United States government for damages inflicted on their German plants by allied bombers.

  6. sam3m profile image60
    sam3mposted 7 years ago

    the internment of japanese-americans was not a sterling point in our history, and i don't beieve it is fully explored in history classes.

  7. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 7 years ago

    The Washington perspective on the war they portray is generally wrong; and we rarely hear about the Japanese conquering the Dutch, British, and French empires in Southest Asia.


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