Is each and every incident of our life are pre-writtened fate?

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    thepredatorapexposted 6 years ago

    Is each and every incident of our life are pre-writtened fate?

    Some people says that god is there to manage all of our sins and good behaviours,some others says that there is no god in the world?So what is the conclusion?

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    Vegefarmposted 6 years ago

    Hi there,

    This is a quite important subject as it changes the way in which we live, think and even influences our health.

    There is no short answer to your question, but I will try to be as brief as possible.

    Firstly, atheism (belief that there is no God), has no evidence to support it's claim. If you were to ask an atheist what his proof for his belief is (it's a belief because you have to believe in the fact to nothing) you'd find they'd bring up The Big-Bang and then follow this up with the THEORY of Evolution.

    Why? Because for centuries now evolution has been the only source of "validity" for the atheist. The only other speculation one could pose as to how we got here is Creation or Intelligent Design. Believing in a god.   

    Secondly, atheism requires a lot more faith than the contrary. Let me explain. I give you a watch(or anything else) and then tell you this watch magically and spontaneously came to be. Would you believe me? No, because you know that watch has to have a maker. Same with the universe which is far more complex and uncomprehendingly bigger than the watch. Our DNA alone is far more complex than most things.

    Thirdly, evolution is a theory, just a theory it cannot be proven and has in fact been shown to be faulty in it's reasoning and basis in evidence. If you like I will create a Hub describing all these problems.

    So the atheist would have to spend a lot of energy restoring his/her faith when believing in the Big Nothing.

    So yes there is a God, Creator. We just have to make sure we have the right One. If a God was good enough to create us He would give us free will, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of making us.

    Like the status quo, children, by law have free will. This does not stop the parent from giving the child certain rules in order to protect the child.

    I can promise you that if we followed these rules the world would be a far better place. If there were less people getting drunk, for example, there would be less drinking and driving and thus would spare a lot of lives.

    This is only one very small nearly inconsequential examples of how following Gods' rules would literally change the world.

    Although God knows what we will do and how we will do it, we still have a free will to do them. So if it were a history book our lives are per-written, but God will not make the choices for us. 

    p.s. Although this is a harsh stereotype, atheism allows us to do as we please when we please. We have an immense history to learn that this is not always the best solution.

    Keep well.