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What is one thing that you are most proud about?

  1. LailaK profile image75
    LailaKposted 6 years ago

    What is one thing that you are most proud about?

  2. WinglessGuardian6 profile image58
    WinglessGuardian6posted 6 years ago

    Living long enough to be here right now.

  3. talitz2550 profile image61
    talitz2550posted 6 years ago

    they say I have lots of talents,  but I believe they're just instruments God gave us to be of more service to others.  If I have accomplished something big or small and I made others happy I'm so proud of it. But the ultimate thing that will make me the proudest person is when in the future I see my daughter grow up into a matured and successful lady.

  4. terced ojos profile image65
    terced ojosposted 6 years ago

    I am most proud that I have never been arrested for what would be considered unlawful batteries that I have inflicted on would be antagonists.

    ...okay maybe they didn't deserve the beating they got...okay I went overboard but hey in the heat of the moment who has self control anyway...

  5. Vicente Zeldana profile image62
    Vicente Zeldanaposted 6 years ago

    I like this question smile

    I am proud that I generally try to do the right thing and take into account other people, i am proud that i try to learn from my mistakes, i am proud that i am a respectable human being, i am proud that i have had really hard times in my life but i tried to make the best of it and see what i can do to improve myself and others, and mostly now I am proud that I am living my life on my own terms and not doing things because others believe it is best or because society says I need to do something a certain way, and also I am proud that I am a unique human being with my own perspective that cannot be replicated exactly anywhere else (this is what is truly needed to be a writer, and the beauty is that everyone has this gift).

  6. maxravi profile image56
    maxraviposted 6 years ago

    I purchase a new home for my parents, they too feel proud on me.