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What is a sinkhole?

  1. maxoxam41 profile image76
    maxoxam41posted 6 years ago

    What is a sinkhole?

    How many of you know what it is and where in the U.S. it did form? Could they be the result of HAARP?

  2. Hello, hello, profile image60
    Hello, hello,posted 6 years ago

    A hole which all over sudden opens up for no apparent reason and it can be anything from 20m to 200m deep and of the same width. Nobody knows how they come about.

  3. profile image0
    kate-olsonposted 6 years ago

    Sinkholes are caused by erosion, or underground caverns when the water table lowers. New sinkholes typically form because of a change in the underground water network. Water supports the ground surface, so when an underground river drains for some reason, the water is no longer there to support the surface. Sinkholes happen when the ground caves in in weak spots. Basically, every sinkhole is the entrance to a cave. There are a few other ways they can form, but those are the kind I have experienced.


  4. maxoxam41 profile image76
    maxoxam41posted 6 years ago

    This question was supposed to unmask and reveal the ignorance of most people on this platform. As always I am happy to see that there are exceptions to the rule.