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    8 years ago

    The same voices are being heard over and over warning us of the predicament and the whereabouts of the world as we are rolling our eyes, shrugging off the matter if we keep on delegating our power. The sordid reality is that nobody is there to...



    9 years ago

    1914 was a memorable year for the European history since it shaped its future. On 28 June 1914, the archduke Ferdinand was assassinated given birth to millions deaths and its infamy, the first world war. It is unthinkable to imagine that our...



    9 years ago

    As the US analysts love to initiate new terms in matter of warfare, I, for once, will engender and indulge as easily and with as much cynicism and sarcasm a new kind of warfare term. The fifth generation warfare. The commoners that we are, pulled...



    9 years ago

    Do you remember the arrogance of Arthur Hugh Clough's poem " The Ambler" excerpt from the Dipsychus ? : " ...I drive through the streets, and I care not a damn; The people they stare, and they ask who I am; And if I should chance to run over a cad, I can pay for the damage if ever so bad. So...

  • Are economies mathematical?

    Are economies mathematical?

    9 years ago

    Adams, Malthus, Ford, Friedmann were among others, figureheads at the prow of Economics allowing it to win its spurs as a science. Economical growth, production, capital... for the pundit on the subject the science hid no more secrets. Statistics,...

  • Is our view of the US distorted?

    Is our view of the US distorted?

    9 years ago

    What if what we thought wasn't?



    8 years ago

    The 4th of October 2012 Turkey backed up by the US, the Saudi monarchy (with a $10 billion donation), Qatar, France (that is dreaming of its former colony), England... under the cover of the NATO "responsibility to protect" banner initiated the war...

  • How far are we from a dystopia?

    How far are we from a dystopia?

    9 years ago

    As children of democracies, we assumed too quickly that our environment was democratic. On which basis? Our pertaining to the league of the West? The champions? Compared to what? The other oppressed countries? What is oppression? Isn't it an...

  • The Anonymous, the

    The Anonymous, the "Off with their heads" policy!

    11 years ago

    It's been four years now that a group of masked pacifists, "terrorists", "hackers" demarcated itself as the counter-power to omnipotence, riding their Trojan horse of democracy. Every lash from the authority is whipped by their "hacking". Those...

  • Strait of Hormuz, the temptation of a candy!

    Strait of Hormuz, the temptation of a candy!

    8 years ago

    Wouldn't it be a nice ensemble to gather in a family portrait Saudi-Arabia, Iraq, Iran and us (the Americans)? So far to complete the happy family picture, one is missing and it is our anarchic Iran. In spite of all our attempts, trials to...

  • Americans, Europeans, the mob mindset!

    Americans, Europeans, the mob mindset!

    11 years ago

    Since the Iran hostage crisis, hatred between the U.S.A and Iran envenomed their relationship. The pictures of the burning of the American flag had traveled around the planet, had the weight, to the American people, of a declaration of war. The Bush...

  • Americans, Chinese, the same battle.

    Americans, Chinese, the same battle.

    11 years ago

    To paraphrase a hubber on his interests on Chinese matter, he answered condescendingly "what do I care". It has always been an American attitude to isolate itself dismissively from the rest of the world as if they did not exist or, if they did, it...

  • The sorcerer's apprentices

    The sorcerer's apprentices

    7 years ago

    To the question which landscape was my favorite? Nonequivocally, the sea and its shores had my preference. A preference that faded away when tsunamis stroke and ravaged Indonesia, Japan. From the eye of a camera, I retained swollen dead bodies...

  • Ellsberg, a patriot or a traitor?

    Ellsberg, a patriot or a traitor?

    8 years ago

    When the Pentagon Papers affair splashed the government, the whole foundation of one of the pillar of the U.S. ideology, freedom, freedom of speech and information collapsed. In 1975, an employee of the Pentagon revealed to the American Public the...

  • Nuclear power plants, the ticking bomb

    Nuclear power plants, the ticking bomb

    9 years ago

    Entering the climatic and pollution conferences in Durban and Tokyo, vigilant people would be in their right to call into question the purpose of such gathering. The ice is still melting (the only preoccupying ice is the continental one), natural...

  • Troubled waters in the China sea

    Troubled waters in the China sea

    11 years ago

    What is happening in the China sea? Why this palpable electrifying tension in the Pacific part of the world? Why two thousand and five hundred American marines will debark from mid 2012 in the military base of Darwin in Australia? Why warships will...

  • Impeach congress!

    Impeach congress!

    9 years ago

    Three years after his investiture, the Obama administration is still battling and fending off blows to have its ideas taken seriously in search for individual emancipation and identity affirmation. A glaring example of the immobility predominating...

  • 1

    "...Just horsing around..."

    11 years ago

    Thirty years in Penn State empowered our subject with the confidence and freedom to evolve, mature, grow under the patern(o)al, tender and complicit wing, vigilance of a concerned parent. It was a fulfilling strike of the ego, an encouragement of...

  • Israel, the free pass for violence

    Israel, the free pass for violence

    11 years ago

    “I can’t stand him any more, he’s a liar,” “You may be sick of him – but me, I have to deal with him every day,”. Who doesn't remember those lines that utter loudly what everybody thinks in a whisper? The exchange became, last week, a...

  • Beware of the

    Beware of the "socialist w---e"...

    11 years ago

    Dreaded by capitalists, execrated by Geithner, versed in economics and finance (nobody will ridicule her with sparkling economical theories), the feminized version of Captain America doesn't mince matters when it comes to condemn wrongdoings at...

  • And if...

    And if...

    10 years ago

    It has been many days now that my rational being is involved in a continual pugilism with unknown pulsions. It has been days that indicible thoughts have been battering me relentlessly. The crane enveloping my brain has been subjected to atrocious...



    11 years ago

    October the 18th 2011, Kenya invaded Somalia on the pretext of the kidnapping of two Spaniards working for a non governmental organization. The problem that surfaced is firstly the so-called terrorist culprits of the Al-Chabab (youth), movement in...

  • Capitalism is DEAD!

    Capitalism is DEAD!

    8 years ago

    Not a long ago Alan Greenspan, guru of capitalism, questioned the theoretical and practical value and validity of the Chicago School of economics by stating that capitalism is a failure. It would be laughable if it did not impact so drastically a...



    11 years ago

    Once upon a time, in the Middle-East End of the world, lays a land of a whimsical absolute monarch. Feared by his subjects, revered by his courtesans, his supremacy extended far beyond the limits of his kingdom. Courted by the world, his whims were...

  • Licence to kill

    Licence to kill

    8 years ago

    License to kill Do you remember the sweet wooden times immortalized by cinematographic director J. Ford, when belted with a colt or a Winchester the quickest trigger of the Far West, straddling his tamed stallion along the sierra, had the last...

  • Monsanto, the seed of wrath

    Monsanto, the seed of wrath

    9 years ago

    As we will advance in time, leap with circumspection in the future, commodities will rarefy as a fact. The logical response for the multinationals who anticipate potential markets, possible predicaments, is to trigger off from their neoliberal...

  • The not so quiet American

    The not so quiet American

    8 years ago

    The Pentagon stated verbatim a year and a half ago that Iran had the ability to launch a ballistic missile (2000 km, really?) to destroy Eastern and Southern Europe. It sadly reminded me of another announcement made by the US Defense Department...


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