You are asked to manage a new world.

  1. AnnaCia profile image83
    AnnaCiaposted 6 years ago

    You are asked to manage a new world.

    You have to choose the following: 4 human beings (2 females, 2 males); 4 animals (birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, etc); 4 plants and or trees; and 3 objects. It is your decision what age are the human beings.  Which ones would you pick and why?

  2. Criysto profile image61
    Criystoposted 6 years ago

    The age of the human beings would be around their 40's due to the fact of knowledge. The four animals would be: a bear, a lion, a tiger, and a fish. These four animals kind of look like "spirit" animals to me. Also, the four plants would be: apple tree, orange tree, wheat, and hemp. The three objects I would have would be: boat, tents, and rope. That's basic survival needs.

  3. HemperorsCloset profile image57
    HemperorsClosetposted 6 years ago

    i would choose people more based on skills: a shaman, a horticulturalist, an engineer, and a weaver. The animals would be a dog to aid in tracking and hunting, a cat to protect food stores, an ox to work fields and pull wagons, and a horse for transportation and as an auxiliary work animal in the fields and such. The plants would be Cannabis, because it's the most versatile plant on the Earth, the avocado because it provides such densely packed energy, yerbe mate because it's the drink of friendship, and wheat as an additional semi-nutritive filler. The objects would be a swiss army knife, for obvious reasons, a non-ferrous metal vessel for boiling water and preparing food, and a shovel, which could be modified to make a plow to pull behind the ox.

    Of course if it's a 'new world' as a chalkboard is 'new' once it's been washed, then this limited gene pool would struggle to survive too many generations, especially if there is only one representative of each chosen animal species. It's an interesting thought experiment though!