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  • Women's Awakening

    Women's Awakening

    4 years ago

    We, as women can make many changes in life and what happens in the world, in our communities, our homes and our souls. Could we be able, as women, to give our sons and daughters a better life ?

  • Holding Hands and Cherishing Love

    Holding Hands and Cherishing Love

    4 years ago

    My parents discovered during the first years of marriage that the only way to succeed was to use their hands to caress, reach, work and heal instead of destroy, hit and push. The same hands that once were angry and lonely started to look for love, companionship and closeness.

  • Women Empowering themselves.

    Women Empowering themselves.

    7 years ago

    Today is the day to comprehend that sadness and loneliness cannot be allowed to run your life. Nobody can hurt you because you are powerful; you have created a boundary to protect yourself.

  • You Let Her Fly

    You Let Her Fly

    4 years ago

    For years every night while you were sleeping, she talked to you, asked questions, protected you, and promised that she would give you everything… But she could only give you what she had.

  • Our Elderly Population: Preserve Their Dignity

    Our Elderly Population: Preserve Their Dignity

    4 years ago

    Insensitivity could be the right term to explain why the rights of dignity, respect and autonomy are being are undermined. A lot of evidence could be obtained from anecdotes by elder individuals and family members On the other hand, disrespectful anecdotes from clinical staff about their older...

  • Social Media in the Life of Children; A New Babysitter at Home:

    Social Media in the Life of Children; A New Babysitter at Home:

    4 years ago

    Today, many tweens use the internet as a form of socialization and leisure. When they start having friends at school, the word about funny web-pages and interesting sites is passed among all. What networks are they visiting?...

  • My Newborn, My Angel

    My Newborn, My Angel

    6 years ago

    I remember the day I finally saw you. I know it was before the sunrise although I did not look outside. I just had to look at the clock on the wall in front of me. It was before five in the morning, remember? You were quiet. Only the machines buzzing around and my voice were filling the...

  • A Rainforest to Remember; Puerto Rico

    A Rainforest to Remember; Puerto Rico "El Yunque"

    6 years ago

    Puerto Rico, the smaller Island of the Greater Antilles, houses the only tropical rain forest in the United State National Forest System, El Yunque National Forest. It is one of the smallest forests in the National Forest System (28,000 acres or 43.753 mi2 ). It is located on the eastern part of...

  • Step by Step: Planning your Wedding

    Step by Step: Planning your Wedding

    6 years ago

    The time to plan your dream wedding is here and you need to be organized. Remember that your wedding is whatever you and your love one want it to be. Having a wedding planning checklist is the best way to simplify the countdown to one of the most important days of your life. Step by step you will...

  • Oats, Honey, and Fruit Salad

    Oats, Honey, and Fruit Salad

    6 years ago

    A perfect honey oats fruit salad is what you want it to be. I have my own and I love it every minute for few reasons: Easy to make, low cost ingredients that are available most of the time, few ingredients. Also, it is delicious, fresh, healthy, beautiful to the eyes, and a nice thing to do for...

  • 52

    How to Care for Orphaned Kittens

    4 years ago

    Newborn orphaned kittens are so small, delicate and cute. They are also vulnerable and helpless. I love the feeling of being able to give my time, commitment and love to such wonderful creatures.

  • 72

    Depression and Anxiety; The Road to My Recovery

    4 years ago

    Taking responsibility for my condition has been and still is a difficult road, but an interesting one. I use health professionals and medications as outside resources, but I am an active participant in my recovery. I have planned, developed and practiced many different strategies to overcome...


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