Is handwriting going to become Obsolete?

  1. WiseRabbit profile image81
    WiseRabbitposted 6 years ago

    Is handwriting going to become Obsolete?

    I have heard (no kids of my own in elementary school at this point) that there is less and less emphasis on handwriting in the past few years. Some people even say that kids will not need to know how to write in cursive and that even at this point, many young people do not care about writing. Will keyboards and cell phones replace handwriting altogether? Do you plan to teach your kids how to write if the schools do not?

  2. Mark Pitts profile image62
    Mark Pittsposted 6 years ago

    I do think handwriting is on the wane. But I believe that it will not disappear. I think it is possible that only a segment of society will know how to write correctly (ie: spelling, structure, punctuation, etc.) or even care. If you look at the writing of some Hubbers, there is a big difference in how younger Hubbers write as opposed to older (not old) Hubbers in this sense. Perhaps how one writes will become yet another indicator of class in a classless society?

  3. alancaster149 profile image84
    alancaster149posted 6 years ago

    Adult, stylised handwriting may become victim to increasing computer use, but most people can manage a childish scrawl for their shopping lists - unless they do that online as well - or notes to hubby/wife/kids to tell them their dinner is in the dog. Some still practice writing a form of script, and you can still do courses in calligraphy at night school. It might fall prey to cuts, nevertheless. Kids mostly scribble their notes in class, but they're expected to turn in legible script for exams, or face a mark-down in their results or a big red line across the page because the examiner can't be bothered. When I was about to sit my GCE's I was told: 'imagine a harrassed academic, dog yapping, children screeching, wife nagging about not being able to pay the milk bill and the phone going off every five minutes! Could you be bothered to try marking a paper you can hardly concentrate on, let alone read?'
    Sure, handwriting's important, but only until you finish school/college - or make a living writing without the aid of typewriter/pc