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Will you be at Battle Abbey this year, 13th-14th October to mark the 952nd year since Harold and his brothers Gyrth and Leofwin fell with many others? Click on the RAVENFEAST page 'slide' title below for details of the event staged by English Heritage this autumn..

Did you see me with the other writers in the Dormitory Range at Battle Abbey near Hastings in October? (Book sales were up the steps, we had a stage to deliver our talks) We chatted with readers about historical fiction or fact and I mooched around the site, looking over the craft booths and taking pictures of re-enactors for future use. (2016 also saw the Jorvik Viking Festival celebrate the 1,000th year since Knut Sveinsson - aka Cnut or Canute - was crowned king of England in late autumn after a year of cat-and-mouse campaigning against Aethelred's son Eadmund 'Ironside', who died of wounds suffered at Ashingdon - Essex - after offering Knut a large share of the kingdom).

This year, 2017, the event took place on 14th October, as it did 951 years ago, and goes on to Sunday 15th.

I have an abiding interest in history, North-western European history, in particular Britain, Scandinavia, Normandy of the 10th-11th Centuries. At one time I was more interested in modern, 20th Century history but was drawn gradually back in time... Richard III, MacBeth, the Vikings... all maligned by Shakespeare. MacBeth led me to Malcolm Canmore, to Siward 'the Dane', Eadward the Confessor and on to Harold.


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