Is homework for grade school children an effective academic tool?

  1. Shelly McRae profile image80
    Shelly McRaeposted 5 years ago

    Is homework for grade school children an effective academic tool?

  2. mithlesh Bajpai profile image57
    mithlesh Bajpaiposted 5 years ago

    when a child already studied 5-6 hours inn school how he/she could pay attention on studies at home again so home work is just a burden not a remedial tool for education.

    Home assignments are better where child is engaged in collecting information or busty in observations. Learning id different than working.

  3. Nan Mynatt profile image62
    Nan Mynattposted 5 years ago

    The homework is usually not over 30 minutes, and it helps the students to focus on their classroom work.  In grade school the students usually don't study more than 30 - 35 minutes per assignment.

    They have art, physical education, library, and computer classes. They also have lunch and outdoor play time.  Research has shown that the kids need a longer day than most parents think. Practice makes perfect.

    Parents need to participate with their kids homework.  They need to know the trends and topics that their child is studying, and if they are getting their work done. You should not just be hearing their progress from the teacher only.  By working with your child, you will know if they have problems and try to work with them.