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Do you think our education system needs to be modified?

  1. Reves-diary profile image78
    Reves-diaryposted 5 years ago

    Do you think our education system needs to be modified?

  2. Shahid Bukhari profile image60
    Shahid Bukhariposted 5 years ago

    The "Concept" of "Reality" has to be absolutely clear, in every devised System's Orientation, for the System, to be Meaningful, in the Sense of, Human "Education" !

    You ... Presently follow, the Secular System ... where a variety of "Isms" ... meaning, man made "Philosophies and Religions" ... are the driving force, behind all your Systems.

    This leads to the Corruption, of, an adopted, Truth in the Materialistic, "System" ...
    Where ... the Capitalist child, being Taught, to Hate, the "Communists" ... and your Science, Teaching the Hatred, for Religion.
    Hence, all your Systems are Based in Hatred ... !

    In, Islam ... there is no such dichotomy of Perceptions ...
    Thinking and Doing have to be the "Same" ... Meaning, you cannot talk as a Humanist ... and be, like Anders Behring Brevik ... in Actions.
    Meaning, you cannot Talk of Human Rights and Kill Humans for Ideological or other differences; simultaneously ...

  3. stars439 profile image73
    stars439posted 5 years ago

    Good Question : Probably so.  As times change, and as needs change , and there are different demands of learning needs, I think certain courses need alterations.

    I think teaching students how to use bussiness machines , and computers are important. A lot of women become cashiers in stores so why not have classes available that would instruct men, or women in the use of bussiness machines like adding machines.

    Teaching classes on management are probably already in use, but even in grammar school, or in high school there should be practical applications in studies more fitting for young people to acquire jobs more easily.

    Courses in the study of different musical instruments would help students to become paid musicians. Courses in singing in public school would be nice if you have a trainable singing voice. A good singer can earn good money.

    I am not saying get rid of old courses, but learning about every war that took place in the world is nonsince unless you plan to be a salaried general to lead a batalion of soldiers.

    Algebra, Trigonometry, all that stuff ! Maybe if you know you plan too be a doctor, or a math teacher in your future. Sure we need well rounded education, so they throw the kitchen sink at you and later you sink , or swim when your looking at depressing job offers in the classified.

    So you do not finish college, and all you ever learned was stuff that you can not use unless your aiming for higher education. So what is left ?  You take the roofing job, and the sun cooks what little brains you have, and makes a dummy out of you. You were a psychology major , but there are not many psychiatrists around with only two years of college, or a BA degree so your a securuty guard instead.

    Yes ! Our education system needs to be improved, and it needs to be flexible. Maybe what we all need is customized education. Would you like to be a great rock singer ?

    Then go to school and take your Rock, and Roll courses from the first grade all the way to high school. When you graduate they hand you a gold electric guitar, and now your on your way to wealth, and fame , and jobs doing gigs at places like Los Vegas. 

    You want to be a dentist . Start learming all about teeth even in the first grade. Yep, maybe George Washington did have wooden teeth. How do I know ! Poor George!

    You want to be a cook ! Enjoy cooking classes as many as you like. When you graduate you get a great job as a chef.

    By now you know what I am saying. I may not be all right, but I am sure as heck am not all wrong. GBY

  4. Peter Leeper profile image81
    Peter Leeperposted 5 years ago

    It needs modification without a doubt!  The real problem is how to modifiction should be.

    Higher pay for teachers, and I mean much higher, would draw in better educated and better skilled people to fill the roles.  Even more importantly, experts to specific subjects would be drawn into education that pays better instead of having to "patch" specific skill sets being taught by those who aren't qualified.

    This won't happen because taxpayers will have an uproar and we all know education is always one of the first cuts in the budget when this happens.

  5. GmaGoldie profile image78
    GmaGoldieposted 5 years ago

    Most definitely.

    The days of delaying information beyond high school need to end. The Internet has opened up a whole new world.

    The subjects that have been delayed such as philosophy and psychology and logic MUST be included in undergraduate studies.

    I was mad when I reached college and no one shared with me deductive and inductive logic - oh, how I could have made good use of that information.