What are some things homeschooled students could do when they live in a small to

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    bryteyedgeminiposted 5 years ago

    What are some things homeschooled students could do when they live in a small town?

    I live in a small town, my boys are 13 years old and all of the homeschool groups within driving distance have only small children involved.  I know there must be other kids out there who are closer to their age but I do not know how to find them. Our town has no independant sports program or parks and rec program and I do not have much money to spend. My boys take guitar lessons, but I would love to find more for them to get involved with.

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    Au faitposted 5 years ago

    First of all, what are your sons interested in? 

    Do you have Boy Scouts in your town?  Could you possibly get together with a few other parents who are not home schooling and have a theater group for kids?  Is there a 4H Club?  How far away is the nearest fairly large town?  Might there be some programs for kids there that your sons could participate in once a week? 

    Could you start your own baseball or soccer teams?  Your local businesses and other community members bay be willing to contribute a few dollars each for equipment.  You don't really need much, and it would be fun for the kids and a chance for them to learn team work. 

    When I was in public school elementary level, we played baseball every day during lunch break.  We had a field to play in, a baseball, a couple of bats, and some kids could afford their own catching gloves.  That was all we needed and we had a great time.

    Read my hubs on the subject of home schooling, especially the one about socialising your child, for inspiration, and then get to thinking about things you can do.  This will help your sons learn how to be innovative and teach them how to set up new programs, etc. 

    If there is nothing for your sons to do, home schooled or not, there probably aren't any programs for other kids your sons' age either.  Get together with other parents to get something going.  You aren't limited to interacting with other home schooled children/parents just because you home school.