How did you survive school?

  1. mbyL profile image82
    mbyLposted 5 years ago

    How did you survive school?

  2. lburmaster profile image84
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    I became homeschooled. Other than the loneliness, it helped a lot. Now I value school and work above everything else. However, there is the issue of other people. I've learned to ignore them and only have one or two friends at a time.

  3. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    It wasn't easy.  When I was in 2nd grade, I remember walking home from school thinking - oh my gosh I have 10 more years of this.  I enjoyed college classes because of the freedom but elementary school and high school - not at all.