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Do you think people who feel school isn't for them can still succeed in life?

  1. manofmystery24 profile image59
    manofmystery24posted 5 years ago

    Do you think people who feel school isn't for them can still succeed in life?

    Some people struggle with school their whole life. Do you think their comes a time where it's time to look elsewhere?

  2. Paul Kuehn profile image95
    Paul Kuehnposted 5 years ago

    I think it depends on whether a person has an attitude of wanting to learn some new skill or knowledge to better himself or herself.  If a person can't learn in school, perhaps he can learn through home schooling or a personal tutor.  And if someone has the attitude that they can learn something useful out of school such as through an apprenticeship, then, yes, they can succeed in life.

  3. nightwork4 profile image62
    nightwork4posted 5 years ago

    when i was in school i hated it and to this day, education is over rated to me. yes we need to learn basic math, reading and writing but stuff like trig, algebra, book reports etc, is a waste of time. i know many people will disagree with me and that's cool. i have little education and i make a darn good living. i'm happy, intelligent and my kids respect me. life is good.

  4. collegeafter40 profile image61
    collegeafter40posted 5 years ago

    Yes, I think people who feel school isn't for them can succeed in life. School wasn't for me the first 40 years of my life and I don't think that I did that bad. I could continue on this path without too much of a problem but I started wanting more out of life and my career. I had a desire to be in a career that needs a higher degree so I went back to college. I haven't finished yet so it still may not work out for me but I think I could find a way to be successful without college if I wanted to.

  5. Chelsea Vogel profile image84
    Chelsea Vogelposted 5 years ago

    I think people who feel school isn't for them can definitely succeed in life. I have a friend who struggled to graduate high school, decided college wasn't for him and now owns a successful clothing business. We're told as children that the way to succeed is to go to college an I happen to respect the numerous intelligent people who have chosen not to follow the majority in attending college and have still been insanely successful. That being said though, I feel that anyone who truly wants a to succeed in school can overcome any academic struggle. Like Paul said there are services to help struggling students like tutors and homeschooling.

  6. profile image0
    Marntzuposted 5 years ago

    I'd say the business world is full of proof of just that. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs are/were both college drop outs. same with the founder of facebook. All it takes is a good idea and the drive to make it happen.