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Is world war iii possible.

  1. Divy Raghuvanshi profile image61
    Divy Raghuvanshiposted 5 years ago

    Is world war iii possible.

    world war ii showed how league of nations failed .but even after the creation of united nations the world is still at war.it is the human nature to dominate.the important question is that will united states trigger the war ,will we see nuclear energy being used as it had happened in case of chemical warfare when it was used despite the agreement not to use it, will it happen in middle east,what will be the role of iran and china in the war,will it be on the issue of water or are our economies are tointerlinked for something like this toha[pen.all this is yet to be discussed and  prevented.

  2. lburmaster profile image84
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    Yes. Any type of war is possible if there is motivation, strong leaders, and resources available. Humans do typically dominate, but not entirely with human nature. The location of the war depends upon the forces involves, the weapons, the reasons for the war, etc. With the way the population is growing, the war might be a fight for oxygen within a couple thousand years.

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      Old Empresarioposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Since the world population spike is only occuring in certain regions of the world, like India, I expect those are the regions that will see the greatest sudden population decline in coming years due to famine, disease, and war.

    2. lburmaster profile image84
      lburmasterposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Honestly, I'm waiting for it.

    3. Divy Raghuvanshi profile image61
      Divy Raghuvanshiposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      regarding india i cn say few things.india has always been the most diversified 'region" in the world with minorities.universally minorities have multiplied by10.i dont want to name the the people.pop.explosion is happening everywhere.like uk,aus orus

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    Old Empresarioposted 5 years ago

    I think it is possible, but it would essentially have to involve every major power on earth dogpiling on the United States in an all-or nothing attempt re-divide the world's spheres of influence. But I think the US is just too savvy and has too many hands up too many skirts in the world for that to happen. The US has military control over Afghanistan and political control over Iraq, making both nations viable staging points for an invasion of Iran. Iran and Israel are at the brink of war and we bomb Pakistan every day. South America is pushing out US economic and military influence, which has provoked the US to build up military forces in USSOUTHCOM. The North African and Middle Eastern Countries of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria have thrown off or are throwing off US influence with fresh new regimes. The US has created USAFRICOM as a military theatre in anticipation for conflict there. I think that if the Arab and Latino uprisings against US hegemony prove to be successful (and the US does not face a civil war of its own amid economic turmoil), we could expect to see similar trends spread into Europe and East Asia--our two prizes from the second world war. Those are two regions that the US will never give up without a fight. Japan and China hold all of our debt. Southeast Asia holds most of our manufactures. We economically compete with Europe and more of their companies are establishing themselves here. Strange that World War III would again center on Europe and East Asia.
    There is no doubt that the US is the greatest threat to peace in the world right now, and I hope it can be diffused by peaceful means. In the future, I think regional spheres of influence will be held by confederated nations, like the EU. East Asia, the Arab Nations, and South America will probably all have something similar. I could see most Anglo-Americans eventually emigrating  away to Europe or elsewhere and leave the US as a Latin-American country by the end of the century. Anglo-Americans will ultimately go where the money goes.