Can ultimate nobility be achieved through human choice?

  1. Pinkfly profile image61
    Pinkflyposted 5 years ago

    Can ultimate nobility be achieved through human choice?

    I don’t have the answers but I believe that simply making the choice to make noble choices can lead to some very satisfy out comes.  Life is a wheel of fortune and circumstances always play their role and there are always unknown factors.  The key is to make choices that you know you can live with.  When circumstances fade your clarity, ask yourself, what is best choice for the greater good.   It is easy to hold your head high when your conscience is free.   Walk Tall my friends!

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    Tusitala Tomposted 5 years ago

    This is not a question.  At least, not since you've added your opinion in such a decisive manner after asking it.   

    Seems to me you should write a Hub on the subject.   It certainly is one which would arouse a fair bit of interest.  Ever noticed how many people follow questions pertaining to such subjects?

    Go for it!

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    manatita44posted 5 years ago

    No. I have already written about so called 'free will.' God is the Potter and we are the clay. Choice is in His hands not ours. We will always mess things up. Fortunately, there are always interventions.