Environmental sanity versus insanity.

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    greenchaposted 5 years ago

    Environmental sanity versus insanity.

    With flooding in the Uk progressively getting worse every few years. Yet concrete madness is worse than ever.The UK Government relaxing planning laws now encouraging more unnecessary developments all round our small island.Have YOU had probs with your local Authority/Government not listening to YOUR objections to a crazy development?

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    Sustainable Sueposted 5 years ago

    No. Our city here in Pasadena CA is interested in becoming a sustainable city. They've got sustainability written into their plans, and they're willing to work with those of us in the environmental nonprofit community to coordinate actions.

    Not that they've always been that way. We still have to attend city council sessions to make our views known. And we have to be willing to work with the city too.

    I'm currently organizing a sustainable city press conference for nonprofits carrying out sustainability projects to meet with the mayor and other city officials. We'll be discussing in what direction everyone is headed and how our projects all fit in together. This will let the press know what news events to look for, so they can support us too.

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      greenchaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Sustainable Sue-thats fantastic,I wish you would/could come to UK and educate our Government and Local Authorities. Thanks for comment good luck regards.