Do you chose to stay in your home or evacuate if a hurricane is headed your way?

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    thebeast02posted 4 years ago

    Do you chose to stay in your home or evacuate if a hurricane is headed your way?

    Personally we have a unwritten rule in my home, that if the storm is a Category 3 or below, we stay. We have storm shutters, a generator, no trees nearby, and are at very low risk for flooding, so this decision is a little easier for us. I'm curious as to what many others do and if they have a similar rule or procedure. I have written a hub on this topic in the past and it got me thinking about what other people do to prepare for a storm.

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    JThomp42posted 4 years ago

    I totally agree with you. It depends on the category of the storm and the strength of it when it hits. I would certainly not put my loved ones life in danger. I think it is basically common sense.

  3. connorj profile image76
    connorjposted 4 years ago

    Your "rule of thumb" is wise; however, it can be complicated by more vulnerable members such as elderly parents, pets and/or loved ones with disabilities. I think it is important to be prepared in advance (i.e. storm shutters, generator, properly pruned trees, properly amended soil to hold tree roots down, in Florida there have been instances where trees have been up-rooted from sandy soils and carried for blocks...). Sometimes a Category 3 can be more damaging then a quick moving 4 (i.e. Florida during summer of 2004). Therefore, it is wise to be flexible and listen to a reliable source for your weather information. Thus you may wish to add the variable aptly titled, quick-flexibility and have an elaborate evacuation plan in place and a secondary place to stay/reside in the event of a potentially damaging hurricane of Category 2 or higher...