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What are 10 misperceptions that people have about religious people?

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What are 10 misperceptions that people have about religious people?

    Religious people come in all varities; they are clearly NOT monolithic.  Some are very liberal while others are staunchly conversative.  There are religious people who are open and accepting regarding other's spiritual, religious, and/or ethical beliefs.  In fact, they enjoy listening to other's beliefs.  While there are OTHERS who feel that their particularly religious purview is THE ONLY one. 


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    ChristinSposted 4 years ago

    I don't know about ten. I think the biggest one is that when we encounter those loud, egotistical ones who say everyone else is wrong, they are right, atheits/agnostics are hellbound etc. We tend to get defensive when other mention they are religious - like we expect they are going to judge us.  MOST religious people are not indeed like that.  A couple we hang out with regularly are very religious - they don't step on toes. They asked us if they could pray for my mother in law because she was ill.  We had no problem with that. It was respectful to ask and loving to want to share that and to think of our family member.

    I think a lot, but certainly not all, religious people are real hip to tell other people what they think they should do, but they don't tend to live by all those same lofty rules themselves.

    If you peered into all of our houses though, you will see mostly the same things. Imperfect people who do the best they can to love their families, pay their bills etc. We aren't as different as many religions preach ironically enough.

    I have no problem with religious people if they keep their faith in their homes and churches/temples etc. When they start trying to impose their version of morality on the rest of us, I get bent out of shape. Why? because most prisons are loaded with religious people - no offense, but it's not only atheists who do bad things and the need to "save the Godless" gets on my last nerve.  Save yourself first - fix the person looking back at you in the mirror first, when you have it all figured out then you come talk to me. 

    Another misperception I think some have is that religious people are completely naive. I don't think that. I think they see the world differently. I can admire some things about faith. I recognize we are all "wired differently" that doesn't make one better or worse than another in and of itself.

    Human behavior and choice - not religion or the lack thereof, determine if people are good or bad or somewhere in between.

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    danijean99posted 4 years ago

    People will have many views on religion, we all have free will.  Some force their religion onto you, but it is all about choice, and what you feel is right for you.

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