Why is there such an emphasis on "higher education" (4 yr college) instead of a

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    aleeseeahb0posted 4 years ago

    Why is there such an emphasis on "higher education" (4 yr college) instead of a trade school in US?

    Today I sat and analyzed the reasons why there is such an emphasis on attending a 4 year college as opposed to a trade school or even an obtaining an Associate's degree/license in a certain field. Is it all to better our country as a whole or is it a scam to increase the government's paychecks?

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    CraftytotheCoreposted 4 years ago

    Around here there is a trade school.  I went to the regular high school and took college courses.  But I've always wished I had gone to either the trade school or agricultural school one town over which is now closed.

    I went on to college and had a professional career.  But I always feel like I would have been better off going to trade school doing what I would have loved to do.  It's not that glamorous or anything, but I've always wanted to be a baker.  I tried teaching myself, but I've never gotten the hang of cake decorating.  Now with the explosion of cupcake popularity, I certainly wished I had picked that route.  I might even own my own bakery if I had done that.

    The career I had isn't really one I can fall back on without additional education to get up to speed with the current laws.  I stayed home with my children, so it took me out of the work force.  Had I gone to trade school, I may still be running a bakery and never had to stop working.  (hypothetically)