Why Earth is Round...!!!!!,,,,?

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    febtsposted 4 years ago

    Why Earth is Round...!!!!!,,,,?

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    The Public Imageposted 4 years ago

    The earth (and all other known planets) are round due to the fact that they are held together by a gravitational center, which pulls outward in every direction with an equal amount of force. Therefore, a square or triangle shape is not possible because anything too far from the center would have broken off into space as the planets began to rotate on their axes and orbit their stars (suns).

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    seanpollardzposted 4 years ago

    Any mass that is large enough will eventually be forced into a sphere shape by it's own gravity. Gravity wants to pull everything to the center so everything ends up equally distant from the core, thus the round shape. The earth is kind of oval shaped because of the centrifugal force from it's rotation. It makes it bulge at the equator.