Why we study history?

  1. Kissu Bali profile image57
    Kissu Baliposted 3 years ago

    Why we study history?

    i mean the common people who are tired of studying history so why they study if theur ambition is to be a doctor then what are relationship with history

  2. MercCipher profile image61
    MercCipherposted 3 years ago

    Everything has a history. Business, medicine, it all had to begin somewhere and we learn from history. It helps us come up with new ideas. I know it sounds strange but that's why we study history.

  3. Veroniquebee profile image74
    Veroniquebeeposted 3 years ago

    So us history students would have something to do once we finish our studies, no?

    Sorry, couldn't stop myself from saying that xD

    Anyway, I think that we need to study history, because it has the tendency to repeat. Maybe one thing that happened sometime in the past won't repeat itself right next year, but maybe in a century, but it will repeat, or at least attempt to do so. I believe that by studying history we also learn a number of things about ourselves, and about what we want to be. You mention doctors in relation what does this field have in common with history. If you look into history, there is number of occassions where people who were not doctors themselves still moved the medicine forward, in spite of studied doctors who were completely against that (like Vinzenz Priessnitz). I think we need to know history of our field, because our ancestors were not idiots, and some of their ideas, not to mention practice and approach to things, could very much be useful even now.